About us

Improving the Execution of Strategy.

CorPeuM is made up of an international team of acknowledged experts in the field of corporate performance management. Our experience in designing, using and implementing ‘best practice’ systems for planning, budgeting, reporting and analysis in some of the world’s leading organisations, led us to design and build a new and better breed of application that is more able to cope with today’s uncertain business environment. The result is the CorPeuM approach that allows organisations to focus on the execution of strategy by redefining the way they manage corporate performance..

The CorPeuM approach is more than just software in that it combines the latest thinking in management practices, such as those found in The Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma methodologies, with the latest developments in technology. Our approach is easily adapted to an organisations adopted management methodology and includes ‘Best Practice’ business templates, management workshops, consultancy and our unique, ground-breaking software solution that re-writes the way performance management applications should be implemented.

CorPeuM is a well-funded, focused organisation that has no legacy product to maintain that could distract us from our mission. We believe that our approach and solution will become the reference standard for corporate performance management over the next ten years.

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